and Diversity Grant

Deadline: December 15
Purpose: To promote and support equity and inclusiveness with the CCIRA organization as evidenced by increased diversity in membership, leadership, and conference offerings.
Chair: Vincent Puzick

STAR Grant

Deadline: March 30
Purpose: To provide encouragement and support for CCIRA members who want to try new reading/writing experiences with their students.
Chair: Teresa Brown

Supplemental Grant

Deadline: One week prior to the Board of Directors’ meeting
Purpose: To promote and support activities directly related to reading instruction and/or promotion of literacy in Colorado schools.

Teacher as Reader Grant

Deadline: March 30
Purpose: To encourage CCIRA members to be involved in a Teacher as Reading Reading Group
Chair: Juli Guyer

Teacher as Writer Grant

Deadline: August 30
Purpose: To encourage CCIRA members to become involved in Teacher as Writer support groups to promote more effective writing skills.
Chair: Karen Crawford

Technology and New Literacies Grant

Deadline: September 30
Purpose: To promote the use of technology to support our membership to encourage use of new literacies to enhance students' literacy achievement.
Chair: Molly Rauh

Thelma Pett Grant

Deadline: November 15
Purpose: To provide continuing education grant to individuals at the elementary, secondary, remedial reading, and paraprofessional levels who demonstrate potential in the teaching of reading and related subjects.
Chair: Beth Whaley