Model Literacy Award

Deadline: October 10
Chair: Jan Killick
Purpose: To recognize and publicize outstanding reading/language arts programs in schools.

Past Presidents' Memorial Award

Deadline: November 1
Chair: Barb Kruse
Purpose: To recognize an outstanding reading teacher in his/her first five years of teaching to honor the work of deceased past presidents of CCIRA.

Outstanding Administrative Leadership in Reading Award

Deadline: December 5
Chair: Brenda Dyer
Purpose: To promote and recognize administrative support of quality reading instruction in Colorado schools. Learn More

Kay Mervar Outstanding Reading Educator Award

Deadline: November 1
Chair: Anne Folsom
Purpose: To recognize a classroom teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to excellence in reading instruction.

Fannie Stabenow Award for Outstanding Contribution to CCIRA

Deadline: November 1
Chair: James Erekson
Purpose: To recognize a CCIRA member that has made significant contributions to the organization.

Colorado Children's Book Award (CCBA)

Deadline: March 1
Chair: Marcie Haloin
Purpose: To encourage love of reading by conducting an annual contest in which the children of Colorado vote for their favorite picture book and their favorite junior novel.

Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award

Deadline: December 31
Chairs: Melissa Carlson and Sharon Nehls
Emails: and
Purpose: The committee publicizes the Young Adult book award, publishes information about voting and nominating procedures, establishes criteria for eligibility, tabulates votes and nominations, and announces the winner.

Celebrate Literacy Award

Deadline: November 1
 Misty Jones
Purpose: To recognize an individual, organization, or institution for significant contributions to literacy in a community, state or nation. Nominator be a member of CCIRA.