For over 50 years, CCIRA has inspired new teachers, veteran educators, and aspiring educators to reach for greatness and make their classrooms a blend of best practices, research, innovations, and inspiration for all students. ”

— Anne cook, 2017 Conference chair

- Worldwide -

New Hampshire
South Africa

...just a few of the places our 2017 speakers came from!


At the CCIRA 2017 Conference, there were...


in scholarships given




in donations given

Participants of the 2017 conference came from a staggering 23 US states, Canada, South Africa, and Honduras! 

CCIRA 2018 Conference

Join us in 2018 for a Literacy Renaissance!

The CCIRA Conference on Literacy is one of the largest in the Rocky Mountain region! 

Each year, we host incredible speakers, authors, students, teachers, and vendors who remind us why literacy matters. Join us for the largest collaboration on literacy in the region!

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We Are...

The Colorado Council of the International Reading Association. We are a professional organization of educators and community members dedicated to the promotion and advancement of literacy.

Readers. Learners. Teachers. And everyone in between!

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