Artist Spotlight: Kristine Mraz

Artist Spotlight: Kristine Mraz


Kristine Mraz is a kindergarten teacher and author whose joyfulness for teaching our youngest learners is palpable. She is the perfect example of a modern day DaVinci educator—fascinated by the way kids think, determined to discover the most effective ways of engaging and growing minds. She appreciates what makes kindergarteners tick, and she strives to design the magical learning experiences that our students deserve.

Here’s a blog post that describes the premise of her most recent book, Purposeful Play. In this short video, Kristine and her co-author, Christine Hertz, discuss the power of their work with students in Mindset for Learning.

Kristine will inspire you with her energy and with her craftsmanship for instruction. She is transparent with her own thinking, as the best teachers are. She is in the classroom every day, continuing to grow and learn. We are so lucky to have her in Colorado for the 2018 Conference!

Kristine Mraz’s books include Purposeful Play, Mindset for Learning, Smarter Charts 1 and 2, and Writing Non-Fiction Chapter Books. You can find her at her Kinderconfidential blog, as well as @mrazkristine on Twitter.