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CCIRA 2018 Conference Registration Booklet

Literacy Renaissance: Invention, Intention, and Close Study

The inspiration for the theme of the 2018 CCIRA Conference is Leonardo DaVinci. He was an artist and a scientist, an inventor and a passionately curious human being. Like DaVinci, educators are driven to learn, to explore, and to continuously work to master our craft.

We believe there is joy in challenge.

We understand that details matter. The how and the why are as important as the what.

We know we get better at teaching (and learning) by what we do on purpose.

As a community, our passion for teaching and learning brings us together every February. We get energy from our collective drive to create the best possible learning experiences for our students (and for each other). Please join us next year, February 7-10, 2018, to celebrate the artists and scientists who support the children of Colorado (and beyond) every day.

Each month, we will feature some of our invited speakers and authors over on our Gallery of Masters page. Please check in to find out more about our amazing lineup of masters!