Colorado Council International Reading Association

Colorado Council International Reading Association

Colorado Children's Book Award

About CCBA

The Colorado Children's Book Award was established by Dr. Bill Curtis in 1975 to encourage children's active involvement with books and reading. The CCBA committee is sponsored by Colorado Council of the International Reading Association. The new nominations are Colorado children's choices.
  • The 2015 CCBA winners and the new nomination list will be announced in April 2015.
  • The criteria for participation are listed below:
    • The library must have at least 10 of the nominated books.
    • Each child must have read, or heard, a minimum of three books in order to vote.
    • Each child may vote for a picture book and a junior book if they have read a minimum of three books in each category.
  • Each child's vote(s) will be tallied.
  • A tally sheet with ALL THE VOTES will be submitted.
  • Votes and nominations are due March 1, 2015
  • Traveling book sets and posters are available with great thanks to Mackin, Bound to Stay Bound, and Follett. Contact them directly to obtain posters. Contact your local CCIRA Council or e-mail to schedule the book sets.
  • Attend CCIRA Conference and/or e-mail for ideas, presentations, and lesson plans to promote the current year nominated books.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominated books must be currently in print and published in the five years preceding the award year.
  2. Only one title per author will be included in each year's ballot.
  3. Last year's WINNING authors are not eligible this year.
  4. Books previously nominated are not eligible for nomination in following years.
  5. A book title nominated by more that one school or library will be considered more heavily for inclusion in the final list.
  6. Books based on movies or television shows are not eligible for nominations unless the book preceded the movie or television production.
  7. The author of a nominated book must be a living author.
  8. Caldecott and Newbery Award books are not eligible. Honor books are eligible.
  9. Once a book in a series has won, all other books in that series by that author will not be eligible for nomination.
  10. Children may vote for one picture book and one junior book provided they have read a minimum of three books in each category.
  11. Send the top 15 BOOK TITLES NOMINATED by children with the TOTAL nominations for each book to the CCBA Committee by March 1, 2015.
Votes and nominations should be sent to:

CCBA Committee
c/o Marcie Haloin
10645 Irving Ct.
Westminster, CO 80031
or e-mail to